Why Choose Umhlinzeki?

Umhlinzeki Consulting and Solutions’ core  focus is business process consulting, we have successfully assisted companies in getting ISO Certified. We have successfully helped companies becoming legally compliant, we trained employees. We can offer services to better cash flow and optimize business processes for better profits.

In addition to providing consulting services, we have a full program of endorsed process training courses to use for upskilling your staff.

UCS have helped hundreds of organizations significantly improve their operational efficiency, customer service and adaptability through the application of Business Process Management principles and practices.

We also make noticeable improvements to standard operating procedures to support standardization and compliance to various ISO and Legal Standards. Our emphasis is on finding the best business process solution through collaboration and visualization.

While we are located in South Africa, we utilize video conferencing and technologies to help businesses all over the world.

Our consulting services can be provided on an hourly rate, a retainer basis, or a set fee for a specific project. Let us know what suits you.

our Services

Umhlinzeki Consulting and Solutions core business is Management Systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001,ISO 45001(OHSAS 18001) and the RTMS 1395-1 implementation, auditing and assisting of certification. We also offer safety consulting and training on request. Umhlinzeki Consulting and Solutions will certify, audit and implement your quality and safety management systems, and accredit your company as required. Umhlinzeki will also ensure that your safety training is up to date and that all safety audits are done as per legal requirements.

Umhlinzeki Consulting and Solutions boast a 100% certification rate. Our strength is in the details.