Training courses

Course Description Duration
First Aid 1 Perform basic life support 2 days
First Aid 2 First aid in the work place - prerequisite first aid 1 2 days
First Aid 1 & 2 First aid 1 & 2 combined 3 days
First Aid 3 Emergency childbirth prerequisite first aid 1&2 1 day
First Aid 1,2 & 3 First aid 1,2 & 3 combined 3 days
Basic Fire Fighting Identifying, containing, preventing and extinguishing different types of fires 1 day
SHE REP Awareness Breifly discuss the Functions of The Health and Safety representative in the workplace. The functions of the Health and safety committee and how to Identify Hazards. 1 day
SHE Representative & SHE inspection Describe the functions of the Health and Safety Representative in the Work place. Conduct report and follow up a pre-use safety audit and/or inspection, Amalgamating these two functions ensures that the Health and Safety Representative has the skills to properly conduct Hazard Identification and Control in the Workplace. 2 days
Compliance to OHS Safety, Health and Environmental requirements in the workplace. 1 day
Emergency preparedness Explain emergency preparedness and response procedures 1 day
Incident Awareness Briefly Discuss how to handle an investigation into work place incidents. 1 day
Incident Investigation The Learner wil be able to identify and explain the legal and organisational-specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation of workplace incidents. The learners will be able to complete the required reports and be able to process any physical evidence which may have been collected. 2 days
Risk Assessment (HIRA) Awareness Conduct a basic continuous and Issue based risk assessment in a workplace 1 day
Risk Assessment (HIRA) Explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting continuous risk assessments.Prepare to conduct a continuous risk assessment.Conduct a continuous risk assessment.Initiate remedial action and follow up on Continuous Risk Assessment. 2 days
Fall Arrest/Working at heights Explain and perform fall arrest rescue techniques when working at heights. 2 days
Fall Arrest Rescue Perform fall arrest rescue techniques when working at heights 1 day
Fall Arrest Planner Planning A Fall Protection Plan 3 days
Flagman Flagman course, safety at road works 1 day
Ladder inspection WAH, ladder inspection/ High risk tree felling 1 day
Basic rigging & slinging Rigging and slinging practices in lifting operations / systems 1 day
Stacking and Storage Learners involved in receiving, handling and storage of raw material require the skills values and knowledge 1 day
Herbicides Apply herbicides to noxious weeds -Prepare for chemical weed control 1 day
Tree Identification Identify basic tree families, characteristics. Identify alien tree foliage. 1 day
Basic O.H.S Understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1 day
Advance O.H.S This Course will Provide an In-Depth Knowledge of The Occupational Health and safety act and relevant regulations specific to the Workplace. The Learner will gain an understanding of which regulations to apply in his/her specific workplaces 3 days
Environmental Law or Management Understanding Environmental law or applying environmental management systems 1 day
Operator hand tools or electric tools Operator Chainsaw or brush cutter or hand tools or electric tools 1 day
Scaffold Erector Require the skills, values and knowledge reflected in this unit standard NQF 3 2 days
Scaffold Inspector Require the skills, values and knowledge reflected in this unit standard NQF 4 1 day
Operator courses Refresher Operate Truck Mounted Crane or Forklift 4 Learners per group (not less than 2)td> Per person
Operator courses Novice Operate Truck Mounted Crane or Forklift 4 Learners per group (not less than 2) 5 day
Supervisor Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards NQF 5 1 day
Job Observation Supervise construction teams 1 day
Legal Liability Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of issues of compliance or non-activity that could result in civil or criminal liability 1 day
Dealing with Hazardous Materials Perform basic control and confinement of hazardous materials operations within the capabilities of the resources NQF 5 1 day
Safety Officer This Extensive course will allow the learner to Coduct all the duties of a safety officer as well as audit safety files. This is a HWSETA accredited Skills program. 10 Weeks (Once a week)

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